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MagnoBall is a 2D topdown soccer game, based on the idea behind the old spring soccer board games. This time it is Marines vs Monsters in the ultimate match of magnectic football!

Each player has his own force field that will drag the ball towards the player, so play wise and use your opponent's force field to make the ultimate shot!

Powerups will spawn during the match and some of them can be picked up and saved for later in the match. The shop will also allow the player to purchase powerups, ready up for a match.

Setup your team by upgrading them under the "MyProfile" tab, so you can compose the ultimate team.

Please note:

This was a school project and all programming was done in 4 weeks. Duly note that not everything is completely finished and there might be some small flaws.

Please feel free to give feedback on the game.

The game is designed with a resolution of 1280x720.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run setup.exe
Follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: 64-bit OS is required


Magnoball 64 bit 42 MB


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a 32bit build, please?

Im sorry to inform that all the developers have moved on to other projects, and will not be supporting the game.